Contract --- Cards/Brochures/Poems

The cost for Cards/Brochures/Poems is $40.00 (see below). These uniqe cards are crafted and designed to your own personal effect. The cards are design and framed with no cost to you and poems are written with inspiration by Ren. (Brochures are $40 per pack.)

a. Client should consult and e-mail before signing contract. If submitting photos, send jpeg, png etc.or send photos to be scanned. If you send photos, do not send originals. You can xerox or print your photos on photopaper and it looks just as good as the original. (just a tip).

b. Client will be advised to view final project before making payment. Client has 15 days to review project for changes)

Payment Options:

• Online payment by credit card with paypals (see below): After verification of received monies client will receive final project.

• Mail Payment(s) to: Ren Music and Art, P.O. Box 1427., Landover, MD 20785, and make money order(s), certified check(s); (NO CASH!) out to Ren Music and Art.

Online Payment

Total amount of project $40.00



Cards/Brochures/Poems will NOT include:

1. Pornography of any type
2. Profanity
3. Sex clauses
4. Solicitation of drugs or alcohol
5. Religious blaspheme

__________________________________________ ___________
                         Signature of Client                                        Date

__________________________________________ ___________
                         Signature of Designer                                    Date

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