Remember the One Who See's You Through

Remember the one who see's you through;
The one who allowed you to attend Christian School.
To go to Princeton Day Academy to be nourished and reborn;
And be Cheer Captain of a team called STORM.

Remember the one who see's you through;
He took you to the Nationals too;
To Cincinnati, Ohio to win;
And you accomplished this in 2010.

Remember the one who see's you through;
He has given you greater skills in tumbling too;
But this time it will be for 2011.
And when the Storm comes in;
It will be at the Convention Center.
In D.C. you will rock the station.
And take first place in the Nation.

Remember the one who see's you through;
Now he is getting you out of high school.
He gave you the knowledge to score a GPA of 3.12;
And allowed your SAT score to be 1092.

Remember the one who see's you through;
Now he will give you extensive knowledge to attend college;
NOT High School.

It will be tough, but you will get through;

Just remember the one who see's you through;
He will always be with you;
Because he is inside of you.

"Sweet 17"

Now that you are 17;
It's time for you to start pursuing your dreams.
No more acting like a kid; sucking you thumb or peeing the bed.

It's time now to grow up healthy and strong;
Taking care of your body and stray away from wrong
Keeping God; Jesus and the Holy Ghost beside you;
So they can be there to provide you with knowledge
To guide you.

College will be tough no short cuts in life;
Pray to your Lord every night.

He will be there when Mom cannot be
He will get you through and provide your needs.

I watch you grow from birth to 17
Oh the Joy you bring when you dance cheer and sing;
Your little kitten Christmas brings you joy too;
But a mother's love is different it is what nurture you.

Isn't! 8 great!

You've finally reached;
that figure 8;
Now tell me Tes;
what is so great.

You learn to talk and call me mom;
You did that when you were 1.

You learn to tie your little shoe;
You tried to when you were 2.

You fell and hurt your little knees;
You did that when you were 3.

You bang on things even doors;
You did that when you were 4.

You like to run and jump and hide;
You did that when you were 5.

You play those silly games and tricks;
You did that when you were 6.

Now 7 is hard;
because you do all things;
You remain very talented;
and draw and sing.

So what will you surprise me with;

I don't know kid;
You'll always be great!

Happy 8th birthday

Love your MOM

For My Daughter

This poem is for my daughter;
Whom I hug and kiss everyday;
Her little tears of joy;
Brightens up my day.

At only five I never seen;
A child that is so talented and busy;
From watching her dance and play and sing;
The lyrics from Walt Disney.

Her heart is warm and full of love;
That gives me strength and courage;
And I pray every night to God above;
And thank him for the privilege.

For my daughter there's no other;
Who's spirit and beauty is as free as the wind;
She can touch my soul when I'm down and out;
And always be my friend.

From watching her grow from conception to five;
I have never had the experience;
Of a little person who is just like I;
Who gives me a reason for living.

To A Wonderful Mom

To a wonderful mom;
who's spirits brighten;
my day.

And along my tortured journey;
encouraged me all the way.

Giving me hope;
that my dreams;
will someday;
come true.

With that little voice;
You'll make it through.

Now through these blessed years;
you've come so far.
Getting through your weakness
for the star that you are.

With the love that you've given us
from generations to come
Here's to your 70th Mom
from everyone.

A Poem From The Heart

I wrote this poem from Tes and I;
To bring you joy not to cry;

You gave me strength, to conquer my disasters;
And I hold on to that from then and after.

You stood by me, when I was down and out;
And always was there without a doubt;

You lend a life of love one can cherish;
And I know that love will never perish;

God bless you Mom for you are true;
And I am delighted to have a Mom like you.



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